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Box usado, nacional, contendo 8 lps, excelente estado.

Lista de faixas

A1 New Philharmonia Orchestra Scheherazade: First Movement; The Sea And Sinnbad's Ship; The Tale Of The Kalendar Prince  
A2 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Symphony No. 5 In E Minor: Third Movement; Valse: Allegro Moderato; Fourth Movement;: Finale: Andante Maestoso  
B1 New Philharmonia Orchestra Third Movement: Allegro Moderato  
B2 New Philharmonia Orchestra Fourth Movement: Andante Maestoso  
C1 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Scheherazade: Third Movement; The Young Prince And Princess; Fouth Movement; Festival At Bagdad Shipwreck: Conclusion  
D1 New Philharmonia Orchestra Symphony No. 5 In E Minor: First Movement; Andante; Allegro Con Anima; Second Movement: Andante Canabile, Con Alcuna Licenza  
E1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Islamey-Oriental Fantasy  
E2 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra The Pleasure Dome Of Kubla Khan  
F1 Orchestra Filarmonica Di Roma Escales (Ports Of Call): Palermo-Tunis-Valencia  
F2 Orchestra Filarmonica Di Roma Spanish Rhopsody (Rapsodi Espanole): Prélude à La Nuit-Malagueña-Habañera-Féria  
G1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Romeo And Juliet, Overture-Fantasy  
H1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Symphony No. 2: First Movement: Adagio; Allegro Moderato: Second Movement; Andante Con Tenerezza; Third Movement: Allegro Con Brio Allegro Moderato  
I1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Love, The Magician: Introduction And Scene- At The Gypsies' (The Evening)-Songs Of Love's Sorrow-The Ghost-Dance Of Terror-The Magic Circle (The Fisherman's Story-Midnight (The Magic Spell)-Ritual Dance Of Fire-Scene-Song Of The Will-O'-The Wisp-Pantomime-Dance Of The Love-Play-Finale (The Morning Bells)  
J1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra The Three-Cornered Hat: Introduction-Afternnon-Dance Of Miller's Wife-The Corregidor-The Miller's Wife-The Grapes-The Neighbors' Dance-The Miller's Dance-Finale Dance  
K1 New Philharmonia Orchestra The Fountain Of Valle Giulia At Dawn  
K2 New Philharmonia Orchestra The Triton Fountain At Norn  
K3 New Philharmonia Orchestra The Fountain Of Trevi At Midday  
K4 New Philharmonia Orchestra The Villa Medici Fountain Of Sunset  
L1 New Philharmonia Orchestra Roman Festivals: Circus Maximus-Jubilee-October Festival-The Epiphany  
M1 Orchestra Filarmonica Di Roma Firebird Suite: Introduction-Firebird's Dance-Round Of The Princess-Internal Dance Of King Kastched-Cradle Song-Finale  
N1 Orchestra Filarmonica Di Roma La Mer From Dawn To Midday On The Sea-Play Of The Waves-Dialogue Of The Wind And The Sea  
M1 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Rumanian Rhapsody No. 1  
M2 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Bailero, From "Songs Of The Auvergne"  
M3 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra The Bartered Bride: Overture  
N1 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Capriccio Espagnol No. 1: Alborada-Variations-Alborada-Scene E Canto Gitano-Fandango Asturiano  
N2 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Le Coq D'Or: March  
O1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Rapsodia Sinfónica  
O2 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Symphonic Variations For Piano And Orchestra  
P1 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra The Beauty Of Nature (Overture, In Der Nature, Op. 91)  
P2 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra The Wild Huntsman (Le Chasseur Maudit)  
Q1 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Ballet Suite From The sleeping Beauty: Introduction-Entrance Of The Faires-Waltz-Pas D'action And Adagio-Panorama-Pas De Quatre (Alagio, Variation And Coda)-Pas De Deux; Adagietto, Variation II-Puss-In-Boots-Finale  
R1 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Coppella: Ballet Suite: Mazurka-Waltz Of The Dolls-Czardas  
R2 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Sylvia :Ballet Suite: Intermezzo-Slow Waltz-Pizzicato-March And Cortege Of Bacchus