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LP duplo, importado, edição italiana, selo Get Back, excelente estado.

Lista de Faixas:

A1   One Chord Wonders 2:30
A2   Bored Teenagers 1:53
A3   Gary Gilmore's Eyes 2:17
A4   New Boys 3:20
A5   Quick Step 3:19
B1   We Who Wait 2:04
B2   New Church 2:33
B3   Safety In Numbers 3:22
B4   The Great British Mistake 3:33
C1   Fate Of Criminals 3:09
C2   Television's Over 3:22
C3   Love Songs 2:35
C4   Back From The Dead 1:39
C5   I Surrender 3:07
D1   The Adverts 3:19
D2   I Looked At The Sun 4:28
D3   Cast Of Thousands 4:59
D4   I Will Walk You Home 4:43